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Workers’ Comp Attorney Representation For Occupational Diseases And Toxic Exposure In New Jersey

Toxic chemical exposure can be a major source of workplace injuries, and the long-term consequences can be severe. Someone affected by chemical exposure can develop an occupational disease that leaves them permanently unable to work

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What Is Toxic Exposure, And What Can It Cause?

A lot of dangerous chemicals are used in modern workplaces, and exposure can happen through skin contact, inhalation or even accidental consumption.

Some of the most dangerous toxins workers encounter include:

  • Asbestos, which is associated with mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer
  • Benzene, which is associated with leukemia and neurological problems
  • Lead, which can cause neurological, cardiovascular and kidney disorders
  • Heavy metals, like mercury and arsenic, which can lead to cancer and organ damage
  • Pesticides, which can cause skin issues, eye conditions, respiratory problems and more
  • Solvents and dyes, which can cause reproductive problems, skin disorders and eye injuries

Exposure to toxic chemicals can happen by accident, such as when someone mistakenly mixes bleach and ammonia, or it can happen due to failures to adhere to basic safety standards, like the use of personal protective gear. While some injuries caused by exposure to toxic substances will eventually heal, many cause lifelong harm – and some can be fatal.

Let Us Represent You During This Difficult Time

Whether you are the injured worker with an occupational disease or you are the loved one of a worker who died as a result of exposure to toxins, you have rights.

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