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Your Preexisting Conditions Can Fuel Insurance Company Denials: Help Available In Toms River

A past accident or injury does not always show its full extent immediately. Over the past 40 years of legal service, we have witnessed many clients coming to our offices when their preexisting condition worsens from a workplace injury. Many clients do not know that their situation may be owed compensation, or that they have a workers’ compensation claim because the condition is not new.

We aim to educate clients on all the ways their workers’ compensation benefits can protect their future. The team at Rosenberg, Kirby, Cahill, Stankowitz & Richardson works against all the odds to take on insurance companies and employers that deny workers’ compensation claims.

Your condition may be compensated if:

  • Previous doctor visits and medical bills document the condition
  • Your job requirements are proven to be worsening the condition
  • You re-injured an old injury or aggravated a previous ailment
  • Your job tasks caused a flare-up of old issues

Your Workers’ Compensation Benefits Cover Preexisting Conditions

Many insurers will fight to deny your work injury claim and not pay you what you deserve. They may try to say the condition was your fault or that your work is not liable for any part of the injury. Do not let this hinder pursuing your claim – we are strong litigators who are fully versed in how the other side thinks.

During a free consultation, our team of lawyers can discuss the best path for your job-related injury. This may involve reviewing your benefits, insurance company, past documentation and current injury. We are aggressive advocates for clients and seek maximum compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages and all necessary medical attention. We can also help answer your important questions, such as:

What can I do to help improve my chances of getting covered for a preexisting condition?

Medical treatment is vital in these cases to help you get the coverage you need. Be sure to attend medical appointments often, collect documentation about these visits and any other correspondence about your ailment, and always follow your doctor’s orders. Failing to follow these orders can result in accusations that your current condition is your fault and cost you the compensation you deserve.

What are some examples of preexisting conditions that may be aggravated by a work-related injury?

There are a lot of physical and behavioral conditions that a work-related injury can worsen. Some examples of these conditions include depression, cancer, arthritis, asthma, diabetes, lupus, knee or back injuries, sleep apnea and epilepsy. It is important never to assume that your prior condition cannot be affected by a workplace injury and to make sure you consult with an experienced attorney to verify your condition and options to recover from your accident.

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