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At Rosenberg, Kirby, Cahill, Stankowitz & Richardson, we have been providing quality legal representation to New Jersey clients since 1977. We have recovered more than $275 million on behalf of injury victims.

Read what our past clients have to say about working with us. Questions? Contact our office online or call us at 732-341-3337.

Client Testimonials

If you have been wrongfully injured and need an attorney, I highly recommend Mike Cahill. Mike did an amazing job handling my case to seek compensation for injuries I incurred from a car accident. His service exceeded my expectations and his experience and expertise were evident throughout the process. He always took the time to clearly explain each step along with my options and what my likely outcomes would be. Not only was I extremely happy with the compensation I received, but Mike made the process as easy and stress free a possible. If you need an attorney, I highly recommend Mike!

JC, Ocean Grove

I had a slip and fall accident in July 2018 and was referred to this law firm, Rosenberg, Kirby, Cahill, Stankowitz and Richardson. Upon meeting I was assigned with Michael Cahill and he was the most professional lawyer I have dealt with personally. What I appreciated most was that he was up-front and honest about everything from the beginning and gave me realistic expectations and guidance on the processes and what to expect along the way. Although it’s inevitable for cases to take years to resolve he made it as smooth and seamless as possible. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone.

H.F. – Toms River, NJ

Mike [Cahill]: From the first moment I called and came into the office of your firm, I was put at ease. I had been in a car accident, no fault to myself and was very shaken up and even afraid to drive. I felt the presence of concern and it was taken out of my hands, what to do next. I have to say, my fear and concerns were lifted once you and your firm took over. Your staff was very sincere and helpful. Any paperwork I had to sign was tagged and made simple. You always answered my calls and addressed whatever was concerning me. I, Thank you and your staff. I highly recommend yourself, your firm and staff.

Thank you again,
Norwich, NY

Last Memorial Day weekend, I was bitten by a neighbor’s dog under my fence in my own backyard. I decided to pursue a lawsuit and researched dog bite case attorneys in Ocean County. My search led me to Rosenberg, Kirby, Cahill, Stankowitz, and Richardson, and I met that same week with Michael Cahill. He was very thorough and immediately put me in touch with an occupational therapist to help with my hand injury. In the meantime, he diligently pursued the case and worked out a fair settlement in a timely manner. I highly recommend Mr. Cahill and the firm for any legal needs. I will definitely use them in the future should the need arise.

K.D., Ocean Gate

Would like to thank you for the service you’ve provided me with my case. I will highly recommend you and your firm to anyone in need of Legal Services.

G.E., Cherry Hill

The services received from Mr. Cahill were nothing short of spectacular. He was very informative and honest with me about everything concerning the law, insurance companies and the process we embarked on. His professionalism was more than expected and he kept me informed throughout the entire process. The return I received for my injuries was fast and he got me the maximum allowed without stepping into a court room. I would use the services of his law firm, and his services particularly, if the need arises again. I would highly recommend him and his firm to family and friends.

Thank you Mr. Cahill…..


Tom’s River, NJ

Mr Kirby,

We want to extend our thanks for all you did for us. We were overwhelmed with the results. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

JH and BH, Toms River

Dear Mr Rosenberg,

For you, going to court is an everyday occurrence. For [my husband] and me, it is an out-of-the-ordinary and daunting experience. We cannot thank you enough for your patience and understanding while representing us in court.

-M.G., Forked River

Dear Kevin [Stankowitz]:

We just wanted to express our thanks to you again for being our fearless leader/attorney during the most grueling period of our lives. Many thanks to the staff who contributed so much time and energy in bringing our case to a positive conclusion. We especially appreciated your compassion and professionalism through this process. You made the most challenging time of our life bearable, not only by being the lawyer you are, but also by just being the person you are. To say our case was complicated is the understatement of the century. It did not go unnoticed how well you navigated through even the craziest of situations. Again, you and the entire staff have our heartfelt thanks for a job well done.

-J.O. and C.O., West Creek

Mike [Kirby],

I want to thank you for helping me with my case with my many complications. You’re a great attorney.

Derek [Richardson],

Thank you. You’re a wonderful attorney. You really came through for me and my family during these difficult times.

Thanks to all your staff for a job well done.

F.M., Lakewood

Mike [Cahill]:

Mike, I want to sincerely thank you for all you have done for us over the past 2 ½ years. Your friendliness, caring, patience to hear my thoughts, read my emails, and spend your time explaining what was happening and what to expect each step of the way are exemplary and appreciated. Your professionalism, meticulous attention to detail and responsiveness are of a work ethic from a different era. And, beyond that, is the respect and camaraderie my wife and I experienced with Cherry, Dolores, and everyone in your office. We respected your advice each step of the way and, while I will always carry signs of my accident, I’m here to tell the story and now, with your help, there will be that much more closure. Wishing you all the best and thanking you again,

Y.A., Lakewood

Dear Kevin [Stankowitz]:

Your hard work and efforts have made a dramatic difference in my life. I appreciate all you have done for me.

-A.M., Toms River

To Derek [Richardson] and everyone at the firm.

I would like to thank you and everyone involved in my case. You guys are awesome.

M.R. and J.D., Lakewood and Toms River

Mr Rosenberg and Flo,

Thank you so much for taking such care of me and helping me through that horrible time. You both were a blessing. Thank you both very much.


Dear Mr. Cahill,

I want to thank you for your help in resolving my dispute with [the other party]. You have a very caring [staff]. I would highly recommend your office to anyone who is looking for a lawyer.

N.B., Toms River

Kevin [Stankowitz]:

Thank you for the outstanding work you did for me. You did wonders in Court.

-T.M., Lakewood

Hi Mike [Cahill],

I wanted to take an opportunity to write and say thank you for all your help with my legal case. I really appreciate how you walked me through each step, providing recommendations, but ultimately allowing me to make the decisions. I felt completely at ease having you in my corner, as I knew you were always working in my best interest. I am very happy with the result and I could not have done it without your firm.

-C.K., Virginia