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Motor vehicle accidents may involve pedestrians too

It is no secret that car accidents often result in serious injuries, but you might be familiar with only one side of this problem. While motor vehicle accidents certainly injure people in cars, bicyclists and pedestrians can suffer injuries too. Even areas designed to accommodate people on foot and bike are not as safe as you might thin. (more…)

Your rights with a pre-existing repetitive stress injury at work

Repetitive stress injuries develop slowly over time. Although you may not realize it, you may contribute a small amount to this cumulative injury every day that you work. Performing the same tasks day after day can place an inordinate amount of strain on your muscles and connective tissues.

It is possible for someone to develop a repetitive stress or motion injury in any part of their body that they frequently use for repetitive tasks, including lifting, twisting, gripping and maneuvering. Even typing at a computer for long amounts of time can result in serious, even permanent injury. (more…)

Workers’ compensation: Construction worker hurt on New Year’s Eve

Although most people in New Jersey might have spent New Year’s Eve celebrating the changing of the calendar, there was at least one person who was not able to participate. That person is a construction worker who was injured at work on that day. Even though the accident occurred in 2019, he can still pursue workers’ compensation for any related injuries. (more…)

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