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Motor vehicle accidents may involve pedestrians too

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

It is no secret that car accidents often result in serious injuries, but you might be familiar with only one side of this problem. While motor vehicle accidents certainly injure people in cars, bicyclists and pedestrians can suffer injuries too. Even areas designed to accommodate people on foot and bike are not as safe as you might thin.

If you have spent any time walking or biking around Toms River, you already know just how dangerous it can be. It does not matter how well you follow the rules of the road or what safety precautions you take — cars rule the road, not you. And there are a lot of drivers in New Jersey who feel like the road is exclusively reserved for vehicle use, even in areas with clearly marked bike lanes and pedestrian crossings.

This leaves pedestrians and bicyclists vulnerable to the whims of drivers. A driver who is not worried about you crossing the road or traveling in the bike lane may ignore stop or yield signs, or turn without signaling. There is no time for victims to react in these types of situations, and collisions are often inevitable.

Cars offer a certain level of protection to occupants, especially compared with vulnerable pedestrians and bicyclists. Although drivers in Toms River should always practice safe habits behind the wheel, they should exercise even more caution when traveling in areas with crosswalks and bike lanes. Unfortunately, this did not stop a driver from hitting you while out walking or riding your bike, and now you are not sure how to move forward. You can learn more about your options and motor vehicle accidents by visiting our website.