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Our law firm prides itself on handling cases both large and small for our injured clients. Clients should make sure that the law firm they are choosing has experience in handling a wide variety of substantial cases. Set forth below is a partial listing of some of the cases we have handled over the years.

August, 2016$500,000Pedestrian vs. Commercial Truck Accident
July, 2016$250,000Motor Vehicle Accident
June, 2016$300,000Motor Vehicle Accident
June, 2016$225,000.00Motor Vehicle Accident
April, 2016$493,500.00Motor Vehicle Accident
March, 2016$295,000.00Motor Vehicle Accident
January, 2016$295,000.00Motor Vehicle Accident
December, 2015$250,000.00Pedestrian Accident
November, 2015$250,000.00Motorcycle Accident
July, 2015$210,000.00Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)
June, 2015$400,000.00Pedestrian Accident
May, 2015$500,000.00Dog Attack
April, 2015$202,500.00Motor Vehicle Accident
March, 2015$480,000.00Playground Incident
February, 2015$275,000.00Dog Bite
February, 2015$405,000.00Motor Vehicle Accident
September, 2014$425,000.00Motor Vehicle Accident
August, 2014$1,500,000.00Motor Vehicle Accident
June, 2014$515,000.00Motor Vehicle Accident
May, 2014$513,784.43Motor Vehicle Accident
March, 2014$600,000.00Slip and Fall
March, 2014$210,000.00Motor Vehicle Accident
Feb, 2014$287,735.00Motor Vehicle Accident
Feb, 2014$250,000.00Trip and Fall Injury
Feb, 2014$247,500.00Motor Vehicle Accident
Feb, 2014$225,000.00Trip and Fall Injury
Jan, 2014$200,000.00Motor Vehicle Accident
Jan, 2014$800,000.00Motor Vehicle Accident
Oct, 2013$2,679,000.00Motorcycle vs. Motor Vehicle Accident
Oct, 2013$225,000.00Motor Vehicle Accident
Oct, 2013$355,000.00Motor Vehicle Accident
August, 2013$1,300,000.00Workplace Injury
July, 2013$300,000.00Motor Vehicle Accident
July, 2013$450,000.00Motor Vehicle Accident
July, 2013$249,000.00Motor Vehicle Accident
June, 2013$400,000.00Motor Vehicle Accident
February, 2013$4,150,000.00Motor Vehicle - Truck Driver
January, 2013$450,000.00Motor Vehicle - Truck Driver
December 2012$300,000.00Motor Vehicle
August, 2012$300,000.00Gunshot Wound
August 2012$240,000.00Motor Vehicle / Workplace Accident
July, 2012$1,100,000.00Truck Accident
June, 2012$250,000.00Taxicab Accident
February, 2012$297,000.00Death - Motorcycle Accident
October, 2011$1,500,000.00Motor Vehicle Accident
June, 2011$425,000.00Motor Vehicle
June, 2011$500,000.00Motor Vehicle
April, 2011$865,000.00Workplace Injury
April, 2011$750,000.00Trip and Fall
January, 2011$240,000.00Dog Bite
July, 2010$220,000.00Motor Vehicle
June, 2010$236,340.00Motor Vehicle
May, 2010$262,500.00Workplace Injury / Pedestrian
February, 2010$220,000.00Motor Vehicle
September, 2009$350,000.00Motor Vehicle
August, 2009$750,000.00Motor Vehicle
May, 2009$1,800,000.00Construction Accident
April, 2009$582,500.00Construction Accident
January, 2009$1,200,000.00Construction Site Death
December, 2008$2,700,000.00Motor Vehicle
March, 2008$636,000.00Wrongful Death
February, 2008$735,000.00Trucking Accident
November, 2007$250,000.00Motor Vehicle
October, 2007$265,000.00Motor Vehicle Accident
September, 2007$3,700,000.00Sexual Assault
July, 2007$750,000.00Construction Accident
June, 2007$1,293,000.00Motor Vehicle
December, 2006$550,000.00Motor Vehicle
October, 2006$500,000.00Motor Vehicle
August, 2006$350,000.00Slip and Fall
June, 2006$565,000.00Slip and Fall
March, 2006$240,000.00Negligent Alcohol Service
March, 2006$200,000.00Motor Vehicle
December, 2005$435,000.00Motor Vehicle
December, 2005$237,500.00Motor Vehicle
September, 2005$375,000.00Slip and Fall
July, 2005$200,000.00Motor Vehicle
June, 2005$375,000.00Tractor Trailer Accident
June, 2005$1,300,000.00Motorcycle Accident
June, 2005$225,000.00Slip and Fall
May, 2005$250,000.00Motor Vehicle
March, 2005$734,413.50Assault
August, 2004$998,000.00Workplace Injury
July, 2004$650,000.00Construction Accident
June, 2004$325,000.00Construction Accident
February, 2004$275,000.00Motor Vehicle
October, 2003$413,441.56Airplane Accident
October, 2003$404,071.43Airplane Accident
September, 2003$295,000.00Slip and Fall
September, 2003$295,000.00Motor Vehicle
August, 2003$350,000.00Pedestrian
July, 2003$300,000.00Slip and Fall
January, 2003$225,000.00Truck/Motor Vehicle
January, 2003$200,000.00Nursing Home Malpractice
July, 2002$400,000.00Motor Vehicle
February, 2002$275,000.00Motor Vehicle
February, 2002$290,000.00Motor Vehicle
December, 2001$687,500.00Workplace Injury
October, 2001$425,000.00Pedestrian
July, 2001$250,000.00Motor Vehicle
May, 2001$335,000.00Motor Vehicle - Structured Settle
January, 2001$225,000.00Motorcycle Accident
November, 2000$400,000.00Motor Vehicle
August, 2000$675,000.00Motor Vehicle
July, 2000$580,000.00Industrial Accident
June, 2000$1,300,000.00Sexual Assault
May, 2000$925,000.00Rape/Assault
April, 2000$450,000.00Motor Vehicle - Truck Passenger
November, 1999$525,000.00Motor Vehicle
February, 1999$245,000.00Motor Vehicle
December, 1998$270,000.00Motor Vehicle
April, 1997$900,000.00Motor Vehicle
May, 1996$350,000.00Products Liability
March, 1996$475,000.00Motor Vehicle
October, 1995$220,000.00Slip and Fall
April, 1995$307,500.00Motor Vehicle
November, 1994$225,000.00Slip and Fall
December, 1993$267,500.00Slip and Fall
August, 1993$290,000.00Motor Vehicle
December, 1991$225,000.00Motor Vehicle
December, 1990$466,000.00Motor Vehicle
May, 1989$275,000.00Motor Vehicle
February, 1986$3,900,000.00Assault

* This information should not create an unjustified expectation that similar results can be obtained for others without regard to the specific and legal circumstances.

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