Our law firm prides itself on handling cases both large and small for our injured clients. Clients should make sure that the law firm they are choosing has experience in handling a wide variety of substantial cases.

Below is a partial listing of some of the cases we have handled over the years:

May 2018$550,0000Slip and fall at commercial premises
May 2018$2.1 millionMotor vehicle accident
Apr 2018$550,000Trip-and-fall injury
Jan 2018$750,000Motor vehicle accident
Jan 2018$217,000Workplace injury
Dec 2017$250,000Motor vehicle accident
Dec 2017$200,000Dog attack
Nov 2017$600,000Motor vehicle death case
Oct 2017$350,000Workplace injury
Sep 2017$750,000Slip-and-fall injury
Aug 2017$250,000Motor vehicle accident
Aug 2017$380,000Trip-and-fall injury
Aug 2017$276,000Workplace injury
Aug 2017$325,000Slip-and-fall injury
June 2017$500,000

Slip-and-fall injury

May 2017$387,500Motor vehicle accident
Apr 2017$387,000Motor vehicle accident
Mar 2017$645,000Construction accident
Feb 2017$360,000Motor vehicle/workplace accident
Feb 2017$225,000Dog attack
Dec 2016$263,000Fire/workplace accident
Dec 2016$215,000Motor vehicle accident
Dec 2016$225,000Motor vehicle accident
Nov 2016$380,000Slip-and-fall/workplace accident
Oct 2016$395,000Bystander injury from fight
Oct 2016$300,000Motor vehicle accident
Sep 2016$235,000Motor vehicle accident
Sep 2016$220,000Motor vehicle accident
Aug 2016$500,000Pedestrian vs. commercial truck accident
July 2016$250,000Motor vehicle accident
June 2016$300,000Motor vehicle accident
June 2016$225,000Motor vehicle accident
April 2016$493,500Motor vehicle accident
Mar 2016$295,000Motor vehicle accident
Jan 2016$295,000Motor vehicle accident
Dec 2015$250,000Pedestrian accident
Nov 2015$250,000Motorcycle accident
July 2015$210,000Motor vehicle accident
June, 2015$400,000Pedestrian accident
May 2015$500,000Dog attack
April 2015$202,500Motor vehicle accident
Mar 2015$480,0000Playground incident
Feb 2015$275,000Dog bite
Feb 2015$405,000Motor vehicle accident
Sept 2014$425,000Motor vehicle accident
Aug 2014$1,500,000Motor vehicle accident
June 2014$515,000Motor vehicle accident
May 2014$513,784.43Motor vehicle accident
Mar 2014$600,000Slip and fall
Mar 2014$210,000Motor vehicle accident
Feb, 2014$287,735Motor vehicle accident
Feb 2014$250,000Trip-and-fall injury
Feb 2014$247,500Motor vehicle accident
Feb 2014$225,000Trip-and-fall injury
Jan 2014$200,0000Motor vehicle accident
Jan 2014$800,000Motor vehicle accident
Oct 2013$2,679,000Motorcycle vs. motor vehicle accident
Oct 2013$225,000Motor vehicle accident
Oct 2013$355,000Motor vehicle accident
Aug 2013$1,300,000Workplace injury
July 2013$300,000Motor vehicle accident
July 2013$450,000Motor vehicle accident
July 2013$249,000Motor vehicle accident
June 2013$400,000Motor vehicle accident
Feb 2013$4,150,000Motor vehicle - truck driver
Jan, 2013$450,000Motor vehicle - truck driver
Dec 2012$300,000Motor vehicle
Aug 2012$300,000Gunshot wound
Aug 2012$240,000Motor vehicle / workplace accident
July 2012$1,100,000Truck accident
June 2012$250,000Taxicab accident
Feb 2012$297,000Death - motorcycle accident
Oct 2011$1,500,000Motor vehicle accident
June 2011$425,0000Motor vehicle
June 2011$500,000Motor vehicle
April 2011$865,0000Workplace injury
April 2011$750,000Trip and fall
Jan 2011$240,000Dog bite
July 2010$220,000Motor vehicle
June 2010$236,340Motor vehicle
May, 2010$262,500Workplace injury / pedestrian
Feb 2010$220,0000Motor vehicle
Sep 2009$350,000Motor vehicle
Aug 2009$750,000Motor vehicle
May 2009$1,800,000Construction accident
April 2009$582,500Construction accident
Jan 2009$1,200,000Construction site death
Dec 2008$2,700,000Motor vehicle
Mar 2008$636,000Wrongful death
Feb 2008$735,000Trucking accident
Nov 2007$250,000Motor vehicle
Oct 2007$265,000Motor vehicle accident
Sep 2007$3,700,000Sexual assault
July 2007$750,000Construction accident
June 2007$1,293,000Motor vehicle
Dec 2006$550,000Motor vehicle
Oct 2006$500,000Motor vehicle
Aug 2006$350,000Slip and fall
June 2006$565,000Slip and fall
Mar 2006$240,000Negligent alcohol service
Mar 2006$200,000Motor vehicle
Dec 2005$435,000Motor vehicle
Dec 2005$237,500Motor vehicle
Sep 2005$375,000Slip and fall
July 2005$200,000Motor vehicle
June 2005$375,000Tractor-trailer accident
June 2005$1,300,000Motorcycle accident
June 2005$225,000Slip and fall
May 2005$250,000Motor vehicle
Mar 2005$734,413.50Assault
Aug 2004$998,000Workplace injury
July 2004$650,000Construction accident
June 2004$325,000Construction accident
Feb 2004$275,000Motor vehicle
Oct 2003$413,441.56Airplane accident
Oct 2003$404,071.43Airplane accident
Sep 2003$295,000Slip and fall
Sep 2003$295,000Motor vehicle
Aug 2003$350,000Pedestrian
July 2003$300,000Slip and fall
Jan 2003$225,000Truck/motor vehicle
Jan 2003$200,000Nursing home malpractice
July 2002$400,000Motor vehicle
Feb 2002$275,000Motor vehicle
Feb 2002$290,000Motor vehicle
Dec 2001$687,500Workplace injury
Oct 2001$425,000Pedestrian
July 2001$250,000Motor vehicle
May 2001$335,000Motor vehicle - structured settle
Jan 2001$225,000Motorcycle accident
Nov 2000$400,000Motor vehicle
Aug 2000$675,000Motor vehicle
July 2000$580,000Industrial accident
June 2000$1,300,000Sexual assault
May 2000$925,000Rape/assault
Apr 2000$450,000Motor vehicle - truck passenger
Nov 1999$525,000Motor vehicle
Feb 1999$245,000Motor vehicle
Dec 1998$270,000Motor vehicle
Apr 1997$900,000Motor vehicle
May 1996$350,000Products liability
Mar 1996$475,000Motor vehicle
Oct 1995$220,000Slip and fall
Apr 1995$307,500Motor vehicle
Nov 1994$225,000Slip and fall
Dec 1993$267,500Slip and fall
Aug 1993$290,000Motor vehicle
Dec 1991$225,000Motor vehicle
Dec 1990$466,000Motor vehicle
May 1989$275,000Motor vehicle
Feb 1986$3,900,000Assault

This information should not create an unjustified expectation that similar results can be obtained for others without regard to the specific and legal circumstances.

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