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New Jersey leads the nation in pedestrian deaths

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2024 | Personal Injury

Pedestrian safety is a growing concern in many parts of the United States, including New Jersey. Understanding the reasons behind this alarming statistic can help in finding solutions to reduce these tragic incidents.

Several factors contribute to the high number of pedestrian fatalities, and addressing these can improve safety for everyone.

High population density

New Jersey’s high population density is a major factor. With more people living and working in close proximity, the chances of accidents increase. Busy streets and crowded sidewalks make it more likely for pedestrians to come into contact with vehicles. Heavy traffic flow also adds to the risk of pedestrian accidents.

Urban areas and infrastructure

Many urban areas in the state have infrastructure that is not pedestrian-friendly. Narrow sidewalks, poorly marked crosswalks and insufficient pedestrian signals contribute to the problem. In some areas, pedestrians must navigate dangerous intersections and high-speed traffic without adequate safety measures. These conditions make it more difficult for pedestrians to cross streets.

Distracted driving and walking

Distracted driving and walking also play key roles in pedestrian deaths. Drivers using their phones are less likely to notice pedestrians. Also, pedestrians using mobile devices are less aware of their surroundings. This combination of distracted drivers and walkers creates a hazardous road environment.

Lack of pedestrian education

There is also a lack of education on pedestrian safety. Many people are unaware of the best practices for crossing streets and walking near traffic. Schools and communities can do more to teach children and adults about staying safe as pedestrians. Simple steps like using crosswalks, looking both ways before crossing and making eye contact with drivers can make a big difference.

Per, more than 30% of all traffic fatalities in the state involve pedestrians. By improving infrastructure, raising awareness about the dangers of distractions and educating the public, communities can work together to reduce pedestrian deaths and make streets safer for everyone.