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What are the most dangerous roads in Toms River, New Jersey?

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2023 | Personal Injury

Navigating the roadways of Toms River may prove challenging, with certain roads posing significant dangers to drivers and pedestrians. Identifying some of the most hazardous streets and highways can go a long way to increasing overall safety.

Traversing these more hazardous routes with extra caution can increase the likelihood of safe travels within this picturesque town.

Hooper Avenue

Hooper Avenue is one of the most hazardous roads in Toms River due to its heavy traffic flow and numerous intersections. The high volume of vehicles can lead to congestion, increasing the likelihood of accidents. Motorists and pedestrians must exercise extreme caution while traversing this artery of the town, adhering to traffic signals and yielding appropriately.

Route 37

Route 37, a major thoroughfare connecting various neighborhoods, offers cross-town convenience but at a high price. With multiple lanes and constant merging, drivers must remain vigilant, maintain safe distances and slow down. A recent crash occurred near the intersection of Route 37 and Hooper Avenue when one driver speeding excessively could not stop before rear-ending a stopped vehicle at the light.

Indian Head Road

While not as congested as other roads, Indian Head Road poses unique dangers due to its narrow lanes and lack of shoulders. The absence of designated pedestrian pathways is particularly hazardous for those on foot.

Washington Street

Washington Street, a hub of local commerce, poses threats primarily due to its mix of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Drivers make sudden stops as pedestrians dart across rather than utilizing crosswalks and signals.

Toms River’s roads may offer picturesque views, but they also present a range of hazards that demand careful navigation. By adhering to traffic rules, maintaining focus and exercising caution, drivers can make Toms River’s roads safer.