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What drivers should know about malfunctioning traffic lights

On Behalf of | May 13, 2023 | Personal Injury

Auto accidents are always upsetting. It remains natural to assign blame when someone is guilty of recklessness.

Sometimes, the reason for a crash stems from a faulty traffic signal. While understandable, these wrecks are avoidable. Aware motorists know what can trigger a broken light. Equally, they understand the rules that apply when encountering one.

What causes a traffic light to malfunction?

Traffic lights are susceptible to intense weather. Lightning and high winds can decommission a signal for days. In rare instances, hacking from tech-savvy hooligans is the explanation. Less nefarious reasons are poor maintenance and power outages.

What should drivers do when they see malfunctioning traffic lights?

If a signal is flashing red, drivers should react as they do at a stop sign. They must come to a complete stop and look in all directions before proceeding.

When traffic lights are flashing yellow, commuters may proceed with caution. Drivers need to be extra careful that they yield to others.

Sometimes, a traffic light has no electricity. When this happens, the driver first to arrive at the intersection has the right of way. If two or more vehicles appear simultaneously, the one on the right gets that privilege, as with a 4-way stop sign.

Staying calm remains imperative in each of these scenarios. Breathing techniques help reduce the odds of anger resulting in a roadside incident.

The best way to avoid auto wrecks is to practice safe driving. This is especially true when outside forces present unforeseen obstacles. Drivers that encounter inoperable traffic lights bear extra responsibility for avoiding crashes.