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What are the top unsafe working conditions in New Jersey?

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Many adults spend most of their time at work during the week, increasing their odds of job-related accidents. In New Jersey, recent reports recorded over 80,000 workplace injuries in a single year, and approximately 75% of those were severe or fatal.

Workers can protect themselves by being aware of common unsafe conditions and preparing to avoid such situations.

Falls, trips and slips

Worksites in many industries are full of equipment, obstructions and uneven floors. People commonly tumble when walking with a blocked view. In other environments, a slick floor can lead to a painful tumble. Even if a person breaks the fall, serious injury can result. The damage is potentially deadly if a person falls from an elevated position.

Equipment malfunction

Manufacturers know that a certain percentage of their products will not meet standards. Sometimes quality control does not catch those faulty items, and the equipment makes it to the end user. A piece of machinery may break and harm a person, or moving parts can catch clothing, hair or a body part.

Falling objects

Objects sitting up high on shelving might not be secure in their place and fall on an unsuspecting passerby. Workers in construction are often on roofs and scaffolding, and items can come loose and fall onto people below.

Vehicle accidents

Transportation is an essential part of many industries. Exhausted, distracted or impaired drivers can lead to accidents that cause long-lasting harm.

Workers cannot avoid accidents altogether, but everyone can take steps to be safer. When mishaps occur, injured people have to turn to assistance from workers’ compensation benefits.