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Seeking compensation for lost wages after a car crash

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A serious injury resulting from a car crash can cause you to miss weeks or even months of work to focus on your medical treatment. During this time, you may have lost your salary from work and missed other income opportunities. With both financial responsibilities and medical expenses knocking at your door, you may start thinking of ways to recover your lost income.

Fortunately, you can seek compensation for lost compensation if you can provide the necessary evidence.

What does lost compensation cover?

Lost compensation does not only cover wages. When your car crash injuries keep you from going to work or earning your usual rate, it might also cost you non-salary compensation. Lost compensation may cover the following:

  • Wages
  • Commission for the sale of goods or services
  • Incentive bonuses
  • Tips
  • Performance pay
  • Participation in profit sharing

While the law allows injured persons to claim compensation for lost wages, the court will still require them to provide the appropriate evidence to show that they would have received these benefits if it were not for the vehicle collision injury.

Proving loss in wage and non-wage compensation

For employees, an easy way to prove lost wages is to submit copies of paychecks before the injury or last year’s tax return document. They may also submit a doctor’s note or a letter from their employer verifying their wages.

Self-employed individuals may also seek compensation by submitting documents proving their regular earnings such as invoices for goods and services or a copy of the previous year’s tax return.

Thinking of ways to pay for your financial responsibilities on top of treatment costs may cause you a great amount of stress. Seeking compensation for lost wages may be a solution available for your case. To better understand the possibility of recovering lost income due to a car crash, you may want to discuss your situation with an experienced legal professional.