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Can you appeal a workers’ compensation decision?

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

For workers with job-related injuries, encountering a claim denial when filing for workers’ compensation can be discouraging. However, you have options for appealing a decision when seeking support for your workplace health issue.

Understanding the process of contesting an unfavorable ruling in your workers’ compensation case can help you decide how to proceed.

New Jersey workers’ compensation

Workers’ compensation is a program that helps employees who become ill or injured due to workplace conditions. As an injured worker, you can obtain disability benefits and coverage for medical care through workers’ compensation. You can file a claim for workers’ compensation in New Jersey by notifying your employer within 90 days of discovering your work-related health condition. Then, you must wait for your employer to inform its insurer, who must complete the necessary paperwork to complete your claim. If you receive a denial, you cannot receive the benefits you need, and you should consider appealing the decision.

Workers’ compensation appeal process

In New Jersey, there are different options for appealing a workers’ compensation denial. First, you can pursue an informal hearing with the Division of Workers’ Compensation and present your case to a judge. In some cases, there are multiple hearings to help resolve the dispute between you and the insurer. You can also file a claim petition to initiate a formal hearing within two years of your initial health issue. Formal hearings can take longer, but you have the ability to have witnesses testify. You can also present evidence to support your case.

Workers’ compensation can provide crucial aid to employees dealing with serious injuries and illness. Workers in New Jersey can appeal workers’ compensation decisions by requesting a formal or informal hearing.