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How does workers’ compensation work?

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a system and insurance. The state runs the system, and your employer carries the insurance. They can buy a policy through a private insurer.

When you have an injury, you and your employer must follow the rules set by the state for how to submit and handle claims.

Employer duties

Your employer must report any claim you make to the insurer and the state. The insurer must begin the process of assessing the claim to see if it has coverage under the policy. If approved, the insurer will direct you about medical care. It will reassess after seven days if you are still out of work and provide lost wage benefits. The insurer must keep you informed about your case and any changes or issues.

Your duties

You must report your injury quickly after it happens or you discover the issue. It is important that you fill out the proper forms and make sure you seek medical treatment for any injuries as soon as possible. While you have the right to seek emergency medical care from wherever you want, the insurer can later make you switch doctors because it has the right to choose medical providers.


The biggest part of a workers’ compensation claim is the paperwork. It is important to not only file all documents within time limits, but you also need to make sure you read every paper you receive from the insurer, your employer or the state regarding your claim. Time is usually of the essence when it comes to getting your benefits.