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How can working on scaffolding lead to personal injuries?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Construction work often includes many situations that put you in dangerous places, such as walking on a scaffold several feet above the ground.

When other workers or unsafe environments interfere with your work, a serious issue can occur. Learning more about how scaffolding can lead to injuries can help you determine what legal steps to take after an accident.

Weak planks

According to the United States Department of Labor, any kind of weakness in the materials on a scaffold or a misplacement of a plank can lead to the structure falling down. Not only can you seriously harm your neck or back, but you can also suffer from head injuries that leave you unable to work or drive.

Even a few weak planks can lead to a total collapse, since the structure may not be able to hold your weight if it is improperly constructed.

Lack of protective gear

When you are far above the ground on a scaffold, your workplace should always provide with you the equipment you need to stay safe. This often includes aerial harnesses, helmets and other fall protection items.

If your bosses give you broken or unusable gear and do not attempt to fix any issues with this gear, then they could suffer from long-lasting pain if you fall.

Electrical malfunctions

When you must work near electrical power lines or other places where you could possibly get shocked on a scaffold, even one mistake can lead to a serious injury. If a person or company fails to turn the electricity off while you are working, you may suffer from electrocution.

Issues like negligence or unsafe planks are all serious concerns when you face injuries on a scaffold.