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What types of automatic technology could make truckers safer on the road?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2022 | Trucking Accidents

On the road, truckers pose the most significant hazard to passenger vehicles. An accident with a big rig can result in severe injuries to you and other drivers on the road.

According to The Trucker, there may be ways to make truckers safer on the freeways and to help prevent catastrophic accidents.

Braking technology

Truckers need a longer distance to come to a complete stop than other vehicles on the road. A trucker cannot stop in time and threatens every other car. Braking technology alerts the driver of obstacles on the road. The driver has time to brake for the slow-moving or non-moving object. However, if the driver cannot brake in time or does not, the technology applies the brakes for the driver. Many newer vehicles have braking technology to reduce the risk of accidents.

Speed limiters

States with the highest speed limits for truckers also have the highest percentage of trucker-related fatalities. Speeding makes it difficult for a vehicle to maneuver quickly enough. When it comes to trucks, they already have limitations on how quickly they can maneuver. With these capabilities compromised, if they drive too quickly, it becomes nearly impossible to navigate away from an accident or avoid a disaster.

Automatic speed limiters exist to save the lives of people in passenger vehicles. While the technology existed in the 1990s, driving a truck without a speed limiter was not illegal. If trucks had to set speed limiters, the rate of speed-related truck accidents might decrease.

Passenger vehicles going at high speed without the ability to brake fast enough can cause catastrophic damage. An accident with a trucker is worse.