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3 reasons to get a dash cam

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

In modern society, technology can be extremely helpful in allowing people to connect and enabling them to keep a record of their lives. You can easily record life events, with cameras nearly always at your fingertips.

Here are three ways documenting your journeys could benefit you.

1. Help keep you safe

Certain dash cams come with safety features such as collision alerts and lane departure warnings. Some can even provide you with a view of the cars behind yours on the camera screen. These attributes can contribute to increased driving safety.

2. Watch your car from afar

Whether you park your car on city streets and fear being side-swiped or just want to keep a watchful eye on your vehicle at all times, a dash cam can help. The cameras can photograph thieves as they attempt to take items from inside your car or record another vehicle hitting yours when you are not present.

3. Resolve insurance claims

Video recording allows drivers to rest easy knowing that they can provide their insurance companies with a digital file of an event such as a car wreck. Though discounts are not yet available for drivers with dash cams in the United States, you can offer footage from the camera in hopes of expediting the claims process. Additionally, you may prove that an accident was not your fault with the recording and avoid increased insurance premiums.

If you love extra safety features and want to know what happens to your car when you are not around, a dash cam could be a good option for you.