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What is an RTW plan?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

After suffering from an injury, it is important to understand what your healing trajectory may look like. It is also important to map out your potential return to work. After all, you want to return as quickly and efficiently as possible, without doing any harm to yourself.

When following the protocols set up for seeking worker’s compensation, you should also have support while transitioning back into the job. Return to work (RTW) plans help you work with your employer to facilitate a smooth return.

How to modify an RTW plan

Small Business Trends discusses ways to return to work after medical leave as quickly as possible. First, your RTW plan needs to address the specific needs of your injury. It needs to honestly look at and acknowledge struggles you may have to return to work. For example, injuries might get in the way of you doing your job as you did before, and you may need modifications in the workplace to continue meeting the same goals.

Modified work schedules can also allow for therapy and treatment, which you may need to reach full recovery sooner. You may also need resources or training that can help you rebuild or modify your skillset.

The benefits of RTW plans

RTW plans benefit you by allowing you to get a paycheck in your bank faster, but they can also benefit your employer. It can reduce any potential financial repercussions of your injury in facilitating your fast and healthy return to work. It boosts company morale, gives you the incentive to continue recovery, and helps save the cost of hiring new employees to train up in order to handle aspects of your job.