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How do medical professionals treat brain injuries?

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

After a recent motor vehicle accident, you learned you sustained a traumatic brain injury. With help from medical professionals in New Jersey, you improve your chances of physically recovering from the incident.

Mayo Clinic explains common treatment methods for TBIs. Learn how to get back to your normal life as much as possible.

Over-the-counter medication and bed rest

If you experienced a mild brain injury, you may need little more than bed rest and over-the-counter medication to treat your pain. A physician may schedule follow-up appointments and recommend you have someone watch over you while at home to ensure you do not experience worsening symptoms. You may also need to talk to a medical professional about when you may return to work and resume your normal activities.


OTC pain relievers may not suffice for your brain injury if doctors deem you at risk of suffering additional damage. You may receive a prescription for a diuretic to reduce the amount of fluid in your tissues and reduce swelling in your brain. Moderate or severe TBIs may require prescriptions that prevent you from experiencing seizures the week after your car crash. Depending on how much oxygen your brain receives, a physician may recommend coma-inducing medication.


If diagnosed with a severe brain injury, you may need physical rehabilitation to relearn essential abilities like speaking and walking. You may start rehabilitation in a hospital before moving on to a residential treatment facility, inpatient rehabilitation unit or outpatient services.

Understanding TBI treatment options may help build your personal injury case. You should know how much treatment costs to seek adequate compensation from the at-fault party.