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Passenger van rollover in Hanover kills one, injures 12

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Few people in New Jersey likely appreciate the trust they place on drivers that they agree to travel with as passengers. They essentially entrust such parties with their safety, assuming that their drivers will take that responsibility very seriously and thus avoid any reckless or negligent action that may endanger them.

Yet do people actually make the perception? Many might argue that adult passengers in particular understand the inherent risks that come with traveling on the state’s roads and highways. That argument may seemingly absolve a driver of any liability should an accident occur.

Several injured in single-vehicle accident on State Route 24

More occupants in a vehicle often means a greater potential for an accident to produce a devastating outcome. Such was the outcome of a recent accident that occurred in Hanover. Per the New York Daily News, a van traveling eastbound on State Route 24 suddenly lost control and began to roll over, eventually coming to a stop on an adjacent wooden embankment. Authorities responding to the accident reported that at least 12 occupants of the large passenger van sustained injuries in the accident, and the driver lost his life. While an investigation into the cause of the accident continues, officials have not ruled out excessive speed as potentially having played a factor.

Liability claims following fatalities

One might look at a case like this and think that a liability claim is a moot point (after all, reckless action on a driver’s part causes a car accident, and the driver dies in the accident, who is there to assume liability?). Yet one can indeed seek compensation from a decedent. They would need to file a claim against their estate (becoming one of the estate’s creditors).