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Can a brain injury change your temper?

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

After suffering from a brain injury, many things in your life can change. This is true for your temperament, too. In fact,many TBI sufferers will experience some form of temper change in the days after their injury.

Sometimes, these issues take days or weeks to clear up. For others, changes may persist for years. For some, it never goes away. But what sort of changes should you anticipate?

Impulse control issues

Mayo Clinic shows how TBIs can impact victims in many ways. For example, plenty of TBI sufferers will experience a change in temper. For many, it worsens. They have trouble reeling it in, even if this was never an issue before. They may spontaneously lash out at others. The smallest things can act as great annoyances. Snappishness and easy irritability might follow.

This is due to the placement of the injury. For example, the frontal lobe controls your rationality and impulses. The more damaged it is, the harder it is for someone to control their impulses. This can lead to bursts of anger, seemingly without cause. It can lead to a person suffering from difficulties controlling their reaction to stress, too.

Trauma from temper

This is often one of the hardest things for both you and your loved one to handle. It is traumatic enough to know that a loved one has gone through a painful event. It is even worse when that loved one seems changed because of it. If you or a loved one have gone through an incident that led to traumatic brain injury, consider seeking the aid of a legal professional. They can help in the aftermath.