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New Brunswick man struck and killed on Turnplke

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

One who chooses to drive their vehicle on New Jersey’s roads likely understands that there are inherent risks that come with such a decision. Yet they probably feel no hesitancy to do so assuming that others on the road around them are just as vigilant in avoiding car accidents.

No one ever wants to cause a car accident; rather, such incidents are likely caused by a momentary bit of negligence or inattentiveness. In the latter case, it often comes as a surprise to many just how quickly one becomes a danger to others simply by pulling their attention away from the road for a short time.

Pedestrian struck and killed along New Jersey Turnpike

According to information shared by My Central Jersey, such may have been the reason why a New Brunswick died in a fatal collision on the New Jersey Turnpike in Edison. The man reportedly experienced a minor accident with another vehicle and subsequently exited his vehicle to ascertain the extent of the damage. As he attempted to cross the roadway, a passing minivan struck and killed him. Accident investigators are currently looking into both incidents.

Earning compensation following a car accident

Even though most car accidents are due to unintentional actions, that does not erase the fact that accident victims often must deal with enormous expenses. Sometimes the only reasonably easy for them to cover such costs is by seeking compensation from those responsible for their collisions. Yet earning such compensation can be difficult particularly when one is unfamiliar with the law. For this reason, having strong legal representation to rely on during such a process may be a great benefit.