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Three-car collision in Salem County kills one, injures others

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Most people in New Jersey likely understand that car accidents are just that: accidents. Yet that still may not remove the fact that accident victims might require compensation for their expenses, nor might it mean that the one responsible for the accident was not negligent in their actions. 

May might define “negligence” in this context as reckless driving (such as speeding). One might respond to such an accusation, however, that they were not technically speeding if their vehicle’s speed did not exceed that of the posted speed limit. Yet simply because one was not going over the speed limit may not necessarily mean that they were not speeding. 

Rain cited as possible factor in Salem County collision

The definition of speeding is operating a vehicle faster than is reasonably safe given the road conditions. In poor conditions, drivers should slow to a speed where they can adequately maintain control of their vehicles. Accident investigators in Salem County recently cited poor road conditions as potentially contributing to a fatal accident at a local intersection. According to, three vehicles collided on rain-soaked roads, leading to one person’s death and causing several others to require treatment for minor injuries. While recognizing the weather’s potential role in the crash, authorities have yet to determine a cause (or file charges against any of the drivers involved). 

Seeking compensation following a car accident

Yet a lack of criminal charges in a car accident does not mean that accident victims cannot seek compensation from those they believe to be responsible. Ultimately, a liable party’s actions may not warrant criminal consequences. Yet their negligence may make then liable to others involved. Earning compensation in such a scenario may be easier if one has reliable legal resources at their disposal.