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Who is most likely to text while driving?

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many different factors cause car accidents, from speeding to drinking and driving. However, few other actions behind the wheel are more dangerous than texting. The National Safety Council reports that over 700 people experience injuries in auto accidents while texting, and knowing which groups of drivers are most likely to text and drive may help you avoid an accident or to review your own driving habits.

Young drivers 

Teens and young adults tend to depend on their cell phones a great deal more than their parents, as they use the devices not only to talk but to stream music and video, order food and post to different social media sites. This might lead to everyday texting and driving as they try to keep up with friends while they drive to work or school. Consider reminding your children to keep their phones in a purse or backpack until they reach their destination, as this could reduce the urge to use the device while behind the wheel.

Commercial drivers 

Truckers, delivery personnel and company drivers must often stay in touch with managers and customers alike when they are on the road, and this may cause them to text even if they know the dangers. Incidents of texting may occur mostly on highways when individuals are in a hurry to complete their orders or make a delivery. If you own a business, you may want to make your vehicles cell phone free or limit their use when company vehicles are in motion.

While hands-free devices are popular for drivers, they still may cause distractions and accidents. Putting your phone away before you drive is a wise choice when it comes to preventing accidents caused by texting and driving.