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What are major causes of back pain?

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Back pain can seriously impact your quality of life, making it hard to perform leisure activities or to handle tasks at work, which can impair your ability to make a living. Back pain can originate from a number of causes, some sudden and unexpected, while in other cases back pain may develop over time. 

Depending on the source of your back pain, you may want to seek compensation for your medical bills. For example, some people suffer back pain because of an injury following a car accident. Medical News Today goes into some of the common causes that can hurt your back. 

Accidents and improper lifting 

As previously stated, a car accident can injure your back, but many different kinds of accidents can also hurt your back. You may suffer a fall while out in a public place or you may sustain a workplace injury. Any of these events may fracture a bone, damage a spinal disk, or harm a muscle or ligament. 

You might also experience back pain from an action that strains your back muscles or causes a spasm. Heavy lifting is a frequent cause of strain and spasms. If you do not lift a load properly, or if you turn your body in an awkward manner, you could injure your back. Also, you might try to lift something that is too heavy for you with similar results. 

Postures and workday activities 

You could develop back pain over time by performing actions that are typical for you in a workday. Truck drivers, for instance, are susceptible to back pain. If your job requires you to drive over a long distance, you could be on the road for hours. Without a break, you might strain the muscles in your back from sitting down too long. 

Even everyday office work can result in back pain. As part of your job, you may sit at a computer desk for prolonged periods. If you stretch your neck to read your computer screen while working, you may develop pain. You can also suffer pain if your sitting posture is too awkward and you do not take breaks to exercise.