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Slip-and-fall accidents commonly cited in personal injury claims

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2019 | Personal Injury

It does not matter how comedy movies or sitcoms portray them, there is nothing funny about slip-and-fall accidents. Suffering a personal injury during a fall is actually quite serious, and victims may suffer broken bones and even brain injuries. Falls can even happen outside even though they are most commonly associated with indoor accidents. Here are a few things that holiday shoppers should keep in mind when visiting stores.

A lot of people in New Jersey are spending the last month of 2019 shopping for others, which means they are visiting stores more frequently. It is important that these shoppers pay careful attention to both the conditions inside the store as well as in the parking lot. If a property owner does not fill holes, patch cracks or perform other necessary maintenance, then it is very likely that someone will get hurt.

Inadequate lighting can make it even harder for shoppers to notice things like holes and cracks. However, even things that are generally not dangerous can become so without the right lighting. There are often curbs between stores and parking lots as well as some in the lot itself. In some cases there may also be stairs. If a shopper cannot identify these objects then they become a threat to personal safety.

Slip-and-fall injuries are one of the most commonly-cited reasons for pursuing personal injury lawsuits. Not only are these accidents surprisingly common, but they are also very dangerous. Victims may even have to take time off work while they recover, which can make it difficult to pay bills, handle medical statements and even make ends meet. Holding negligent property owners responsible for their actions with a personal injury suit could be very helpful for New Jersey residents who are in this situation.