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Massive devastation follows Medford accident

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

No one in Toms River ever anticipates being involved in a car accident, yet given the number of vehicles on the road, the possibility is ever present. If and when an accident does occur, most might hope for a minor “fender-bender” that causes minimal damages to a vehicle and no serious injuries. Sadly, people cannot pick and choose what the results of the auto accidents they are involved in will be. Often, the damage (both to oneself and their vehicle) is catastrophic, leaving them to have to deal with enormous financial costs. 

Such may be the result of a collision between a dump truck and an SUV in Medford. The exact circumstances of the accident were not reported (nor was who might have been at fault), yet witnesses say that the resulting damage to both vehicles was extensive. Following the collision, the dump truck caught fire (yet fire officials were able to quickly contain the blaze). One of the SUV’s occupants had to be extracted by rescue personnel and taken to a local hospital by ambulance. Yet despite the devastation that the accident caused, no one else was reported to be seriously injured. 

Medical bills and other injury costs often make up the bulk of one’s accident expenses. Yet vehicle repair (or replacement) costs can also be just as high. Most will rely on insurance coverage to help handle such expenses, yet oftentimes the maximum amount offered through an insurance settlement is not enough. In such cases, those involved may be forced to commence legal action against the drivers responsible for their accidents. Such action may have a better chance of success if it is supported by an experienced attorney.