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Truck strikes young girl getting off school bus

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many in Toms River may initially question the motives for filing a lawsuit following a car accident. The fact that such incidents are termed “accidents” in the first place may seem to indicate a sense of randomness. Yet oftentimes, the legal action initiated after a car accident is not necessarily meant to be punitive, but rather to assist with handling the enormous expenses that can accompany them. Families may be left facing huge medical expenses, not to mention the psychological and emotional toll that an accident can exact. 

A recent auto-pedestrian collision that occurred in Maryland reaffirms this fact. A 7-year-old currently sits in a medically induced coma after she was struck by a truck immediately after getting off her school bus. Authorities investigating the accident say that the school bus’s stop sign was extended and that its lights were flashing, yet the driver of the truck did not stop or even slow down. It was not reported whether the driver has yet been charged with anything. Three young boys who were with the girls were also nearly hit; all three are said to be struggling to cope with what happened to their friend. 

In a case such as this, many may think that a certain statute has to have been violated in order to pursue a liability claim. While that often is the case (just as it appears to be here, as the driver reportedly did not stop for the school bus), people are ultimately charged with following safe driving practices at all times. Any instance where a failure to do that results in an accident, legal action may be warranted. Those looking to initiate it might do well to first consult with an experienced personal injury attorney.