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Four injured in collision in Rochelle Park

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Being involved in a car accident might seem to be an impossibility for many in Toms River. Most may trust that their own solid driving skills (which may include defensive driving techniques) will help to avoid collisions. While there may be logic in that line of thinking, it should also be remembered that people cannot control the actions of others, and all it may take is a slight show of negligence by one person on the road to cause an accident that ultimately involves multiple people. 

A recent multi-car collision that occurred in Rochelle Park serves as a stark reminder of this. Two vehicles (a tractor-trailer and a Honda Civic) collided on a state highway, following which the tractor-trailer struck a center divider which shot chunks of concrete that struck an approaching vehicle. The occupants of that car escaped, while the truck driver refused to accept any medical care. The four occupants of the Honda Civic all suffered injuries, yet all were reported as being in stable condition (despite one of them being ejected from the vehicle in the collision). 

While an investigation into the accident is still ongoing, authorities did issue the truck driver multiple citations. The cited infractions included following too closely, careless driving and attempting to execute an unsafe lane change. On the surface, each of these actions may seem to be minor things (and certainly not indications of bad intentions). Yet they do demonstrate how small acts of carelessness can produce potentially catastrophic results on the road. Oftentimes, the expenses associated with such results can be massive, requiring accident victims to seek added compensation on top of their insurance reimbursements. Such compensation might be easier to secure if one has the experience and expertise of an attorney to rely on.